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Terracotta Clay Teapot - 1.2L

Terracotta Clay Teapot - 1.2L

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The terracotta clay teapot is fired in high heat with an unglazed interior.

The unglazed interior is porous in texture, which means it takes on the aromatic oils of your teas. Over time the pot will gently season your tea with its patina of flavors, like a heritage cast iron skillet.

How do I clean my clay teapot?

Never use soap! Remove the brewed tea leaves and rinse with hot water until rinsed out. Don’t forget to rinse the lid. Use your hand for tea stains, we don't think there is a real need for a scrub. Once it's cleaned, open the lid to air dry. Do not replace the lid until the teapot is completely dry.

***Never place this pot while hot on cold or wet surface to avoid cracking, put a wooden or cork pot stand underneath. 

Made In Egypt

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